To help you achieve your data science goals.


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Hi, my name is Harpreet Sahota

I’m a though leader in the Data Science space with over a decade of education, experience, and technical chops in the field – a data science unicorn with

  • strong business acumen, 
  • statistical background,
  • modelling capabilities,
  • data engineering, and
  • machine learning engineering. 
I love deploying models to production and distilling complex data science topics for business stakeholders. 

By day, I work as a Lead Data Scientist that helps leadership to define and execute strategies that demonstrate the value of the data generated by our business while maintaining a rigorous set of principles to guide my practice.

By night, I’m head mentor to nearly 2000 up-and-coming data scientists, and hold myself personally responsible for their career advancement by providing the best quality mentorship and technical guidance.

My Story

When my data science career search got started, I was steadily just getting rejected – it seemed like nothing I could do would ever get me respected. Most days I was stressed and sometimes I felt so pathetic – I had all the pieces to the puzzle, just no way to connect it. I was fighting through every concept, tightening up every line of code, and never resting to question if I was out of my mind.

After months of hardship and struggle, I finally understood what I needed to do in order to get hired and start my career.

How I can help you

My goal with The Artists of Data Science is to teach you exactly how I broke into Data Science,  provide real world application tactics, and help you become indispensable – an Artist of Data Science.

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